How it Works

Before getting into the details, we highly recommend you watch this 47-second video. It will give you a quick idea of how PhotoTap looks in action.

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Choose a Wearable

Fabric Wristband

With full CMYK printing across the entire fabric and chip, this option is the best for branding.

100% waterproof

1 size fits all

Access control options*

* We provide a reversible clasp by default (attendees can slide it on and off), but we also have "one-way" locking clasps where attendees can' take the wristband off once they put it on.

Silicone Wristband

These wristbands can be one solid color, and the logo on the front can be a 2nd solid color.

100% waterproof

Multiple sizes available

Reusable across events*

* To save money and the environment, you can collect these wristbands at the end of your event and re-use them for future events. We can clean & sterilize your wristbands for a small fee.

Smart Stickers

Are your attendees already wearing name badges? We can simply place our smart stickers on the back.

Easy integration

1 inch diameter

Works with most badges*

* As long as your badge isn't made of metal or silicone (because nothing sticks to silicone), our smart stickers will work perfectly. If you have sample badges from prior years, we can test them out.

Pre-Assign Wearables

This step is optional, but highly recommended. Our proprietary process allows us to assign wearables ahead of time, simply and easily. We can even mail them to you. This reduces friction during registration, eliminating extra steps so your attendees can start enjoying the event sooner. Some ideas:

Put the attendee's band or badge inside their welcome packet

Have a PhotoTap table where the attendees pick up their band or badge

Directly integrate PhotoTap with Print-On-Demand systems

If you don't want us to pre-assign, we can do everything on-site

Setup Branding & Captions


Events are distracting. Music, food, networking, entertainment... In this environment, it's easy for a brand’s message to get lost and even forgotten.

With PhotoTap, every photo can be personalized with custom logos, watermarks, and captions. Attendees can choose pre-approved #hashtags and captions to use for social media.

Now, each attendee leaves the event with a way to recall their experience and YOUR branding. Email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter all have their own personalization options (e.g. it's possible to change the background color of an email, but not a text message).

Smile, Tap, & Deliver

At registration, your attendees receive a unique wristband or name badge via one of the methods mentioned above. After every photo, our photographers "tap" the attendee's band or badge and boom! The photo gets delivered to them in 10 seconds or less.

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